Explore New Ideas Explore New Ideas

Images of Authentic Community

What deep, meaningful relationships look like

Encouraging Parents in the Mundane

Small groups should encourage every member's calling.

Why We Need Community

Now more than ever

Resource Review: Troubled Minds

An excellent resource for ministering to people struggling with mental illness

When Missional Living Isn't Warm and Fuzzy

Are we still called to help?

Working Together as a Team

It might not be easy, but you still need to do it.

Green for God's Glory

Celebrate Earth Day with your group

How Should We Measure Spiritual Growth?

Lessons from the Twelve Conference

Followers of the Wounded Healer

Wisdom for relating and ministering to those with mental illness

Something More Important than Preparation

Why who you are matters more than what you do

Fighting Our Hatred of Change

One reason life change is really difficult
Easter Should Change Your Small Group

Easter Should Change Your Small Group

Soak up his love, lean into his power, and continue his mission.

Never Alone, Yet Always Lonely

Why surrounding yourself with the right people is key

Was Your Last Meeting Successful?

It's usually hard to answer that question.

What Does Pope Francis Have to Do With Me?

Regardless of what you think of the papacy, we can learn something from the newest pope.

Get in the Habit of Icebreakers

These meeting builders can do a lot more than transition you to your discussion.

Questions Without Answers

Sitting with group members even when we don’t have easy fixes

Wanted: Team Players

What to look for in new team members

Choosing to Stay

Working with God to restore broken cities

Chocolate Cake, Pepsi, and a Milestone Birthday

How listening helped my small group bless a new friend

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