Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense

N. T. Wright explains the fundamental elements of Christianity.

Note: Because of the size of this video resource, you will need to download both Part 1 and Part 2.

N.T. Wright shares the truths from his book Simply Christian in these 10 video sessions. Wright outlines Christianity in a way that challenges viewers but uses language that is easy to understand. These 10 video lessons also come with a PDF discussion guide that corresponds to each lesson.

Session 1
Simply Christian Introduction

Session 2
Justice and Spirituality

Session 3
Relationships and Beauty

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7
The Holy Spirit

Session 8
Worship and Prayer

Session 9

Session 10
Church and New Creation

Total number of pages115

This course is based on the book Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense by N. T. Wright, published by HarperCollins in 2006.

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