James MacDonald on Being Dead to Sin

Freedom from sin, day by day

Forgiveness of sin is just the beginning of life in Christ. But the problem is that so many people stay there; they don’t move on. Jesus didn’t die and rise from the dead simply to forgive you. He rose to live his life through you. When we truly believe that Christ has destroyed the power of sin and death, we can begin to live the way he wants us to. It will take understanding and grabbing on to our new identity in Christ. This 4-session video Bible study will help you discover how to walk in freedom from sin so that you can fully live for Christ.

Session One

You Can't Live the Christian Life
Beyond forgiveness, we are alive in Christ.
Video Length: 14 minutes

Session Two

Break the Power of Sin
The risen Christ breaks sin's and death's dominion over us.
Video Length: 7 minutes Session Two

Session Three

Embrace Your New Identity
Living for God is a day-by-day choice.
Video Length: 8 minutes

Session Four

Walk in Freedom
Freedom from sin comes in confessing the reality of Christ.
Video Length: 11 minutes

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