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Polly Prayerless: The Person Who Won't Pray Aloud
How to make your members feel comfortable praying out loud.
Could You Be a Small-Group Leader?
Test yourself to see if you have the attributes.
Relationships: What It's All About
You can't lead if you don't know your group.
Four Traits of Good Leaders
Small group members listed what's most important to them.
Biblical Models and Standards of Leadership
Use the Bible to help identify leadership in your church.
Roles People Play
The principle of synergy can work for your group.
Attributes of a Small-Group Leader
When you're launching small groups in your church, what should you look for in a leader?
Quentin Quiet: The Silent Individual
How to pull him out of his shell.
Managing Conflict
Where conflict is likely to arise, and how to deal with it.
New Year's Resolutions for Your Group
What can your group resolve to accomplish next year?
Starting Small Groups—and Keeping Them Going
A "nuts and bolts" small group book
Handling Conflict
Adopt the following saying: "Conflict is expected and welcome!"
Conflict Is Good
From the editor
Team Tune Up
Stay on track through self-critique.
The Importance of Evaluation
Once your group gets rolling, it's easy to just let it be.
The Small Group Study Bible
Do we really need another small group Bible?
Evaluation and Flexibility in Small Groups
Things may not always go as planned or expected.
The Quiet Group
What do you do when no one responds?
Displaying 1681 – 1698 of 1698 Articles
Page:8384 85