The Disconnect Between Assimilation and Spiritual Formation

The Disconnect Between Assimilation and Spiritual Formation

Creating easier pathways to spiritual formation
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  1. What things (activities, disciplines, relationships, service opportunities, trips, etc.) have influenced you as you’ve personally progressed through the stages of spiritual growth? Don’t just think about where you are right now in your faith. Think about where you’ve been, and what has helped you get where you are now.

These two questions help us close the gap between assimilation and spiritual formation by putting the right steps in front of people—this is where growth begins.

At the church where I’m on staff, we’re launching a new ministry to do just this. We’re calling it Thrive Track. We have people take an initial spiritual assessment where they answer faith questions, note challenges they’ve faced in their life, and uncover passions and personality drivers. Then over the course of four weeks, we talk about what thriving in Jesus looks like. At the conclusion, we put a personalized spiritual growth plan into their hands for them to begin more intentionally owning their faith walk.

On April 3, 2019 at 11 a.m. CST, join me as I tell you more about our new pathway to spiritual formation. Click here to register.

-Ben Reed is the Adult Ministries pastor at Mission Community Church in Gilbert, AZ, overseeing groups, missions, care, and Next Steps. He’s been on staff at various churches of widely different sizes. Ben and his wife, Laura, have 3 kids, and love being active together as a family.

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