Top 10 Small-Group Training Tools of 2017
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Top 10 Small-Group Training Tools of 2017

Our most popular resources of the year—picked by you!
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9. Unlock Spiritual Gifts
Help your group members discover and use their spiritual gifts.

Whether your theology includes 16, 23, or even more spiritual gifts, your group is missing out if you're not talking about them. This Training Tool will show you how to help your group members discover and embrace their spiritual gifts. The first two articles will give you a great foundation for talking about gifts—whatever your theology. The rest of the resource includes articles that help identify spiritual gifts, give creative ideas for using your gifts, and share how you can model using your gifts appropriately.

10. Train Your Group in Relational Evangelism
It’s a whole lot simpler than it sounds.

Just the thought of evangelism can send chills down the spine of many Christians, but relational evangelism, bringing the hope of Jesus naturally into your relationships, really isn’t scary. In fact, it can be really simple. Your group members are in relationships every day—with their family members, coworkers, neighbors, and friends—and you can help train them in easy ways to intentionally incorporate the Good News of Jesus into their relationships. They don’t need a tract or a gimmicky method. They just need to welcome people into their lives, and share stories, ask good questions, and be a good listener. This resource is designed to help small-group leaders guide their group members to learn what relational evangelism looks like and put simple steps into action.

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