Top 10 Articles of 2016

Top 10 Articles of 2016

A wide variety of topics piqued your interest this year.

I always love taking a look at our top articles at the end of each year. This list gives a snapshot of some of the biggest trends and topics in small-group ministry over the last 12 months. In 2016, practical tips for small-group meetings top the list. Also included: emotional health and singleness. Read them all, and get an idea of what was hot in 2016. They’re sure to give you some great ideas as you head into the new year.

We’ve also made a list of our top 10 resources of the year. Check it out!

1. Four-Step Discussion Method that Works for Any Study

This simple small-group format teaches disciples to obey God

Jim Egli

2. Are You an Unhealthy Leader?

No well-intentioned leader would set out to lead this way, but it happens all the time.

Peter Scazzero

3. Singled Out

Six ways churches can embrace singles

Christena Cleveland

4. Teach Your Small Group to Be Comfortable with Group Prayer

Prayer methods that can help anyone pray out loud with ease.

Brad Himes

5. How Can I Lead Great Small-Group Discussions?

Four easy things any leader can do to facilitate growth-focused discussions

Andrew S. Mason

6. Build a Small-Group Ministry Team

Figure out what you need and recruit the right people.

Will Johnston

7. The Missing Piece in Discipleship

How learning about emotional health transformed our church

Rich Gorman

8. Four Keys to Transformational Discussions

Create an environment for life change with these simple tips.

Dr. Bill Donahue

9. Single vs. Small Group

Are singles welcome in your ministry?

Joy Beth Smith

10. What Makes a Successful First Meeting?

Kick off your small group by focusing on three keys.

Carter Moss

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