Radical Racial Reconciliation Through Small Groups
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Radical Racial Reconciliation Through Small Groups

How NewStory Church created a safe place to discuss the hot topic of race
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The church has an opportunity to say, "Come and see! Jesus heals all this!" But right now, we're as infected by the racism of the world as anybody else—in fact, more so in a lot of cases. People talk about the future of the church, where it's going, the fact that there's decline. At the end of John, though, Jesus' last prayer for his people—for us—was unity. And he said the way the world will know that the Father and I are one is if you are one. I think if we steer into this and begin to work on this, over the next 20 years we will see a turnaround in that decline. As we strive and struggle and do the hard work of racial reconciliation, as we learn how to become a united people under the lordship of Jesus, I think a lot of other things—as far as the church—will begin to turn around as well.

For a Bible study your group can use, check out Racism: How Should Christians Respond?

—Amy Jackson is managing editor of SmallGroups.com.

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