Saturate Your Life with Jesus and His Mission

Saturate Your Life with Jesus and His Mission

Discipleship is everyday work.
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Who Should Read This

If you’re a small-group coach, Saturate will provide you with a framework to help your group leaders deeply understand the gospel so that they’ll be fully saturated with Jesus. They’ll understand that they’ve been saved, because Jesus did it better; that they’re being saved, because Jesus does it better; and that they’ll be saved, because Jesus will make it better.

If you’re a group leader, you’ll not only learn how to normalize mission for your group, but also how to take it out of the “weird” category, integrating it into the rhythms of your group and the rhythms of your group member’s lives. Vanderstelt provides a roadmap to do this. Instead of starting with mission, the first step is to start with the gospel and help your group members understand who they are in Christ (their identity). By starting with the gospel, you’ll develop the right foundation, which will be a springboard for everything else.

The next step is then to clarify the mission, which means asking God who he is sending you to (as an individual), but also who he is sending the collective group to. The last step is to form an actual plan. Instead of clarifying the mission and hoping that it happens, Vanderstelt suggests that “once we’ve clarified our mission, we walk through each of the identities, asking how we live in light of our identities in the everyday stuff of life.”

If you’re looking for a way to make mission normal for your church, to integrate it into the everyday lives of your group members, and to do all of this from a gospel foundation, then Saturate is the book for you.

—Daniel Sangi Im is the Church Multiplication Specialist at LifeWay helping churches multiply via church planting or multisite; copyright 2015 by Christianity Today.

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