The Power of Vision

The Power of Vision

Articulate a clear vision for your ministry and see the amazing results.
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Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
At every small-group leader gathering, repeat the vision statement of the ministry. It's easy to believe that once we've said it, our teams will remember. But over time, we forget the vision. Your team should be reminded of the vision statement at least every 30 days.

Verbalize the vision statement every chance you get in whatever setting you're in. Whether you're meeting with a leader one-on-one, talking with new church members, or explaining the ministry results to the staff team, share the vision. It's ideal if everyone you work with can easily state your vision simply because they've heard it so much.

If you'll go through the process to find God's vision is for your small-group ministry, create a vision statement that captures what you see in your mind's eye, recruit your team with it, and saturate the church in it, you'll see a new level of anticipation in your team. When the vision is clear, you can create a strategy that will move your team in the direction God is leading, and you'll experience God working in your ministry in ways you never dreamed possible.

Note: This article is excerpted from our training tool Develop a Group Strategy.

—Rick Howerton is a discipleship and small group specialist; copyright 2015 by Christianity Today.


  1. What vision has God give you for your small-group ministry?
  2. Can you articulate that vision in a succinct, compelling statement? Can your team members? If not, how might you craft a vision
  3. How can you get the word out about your vision and saturate your church with it?

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