Most-Read Articles of 2015

Most-Read Articles of 2015

Find out what small-group leaders like you have been reading.

It's been quite a year! Between terror attacks, the same-sex marriage ruling, the refugee crisis, and political debates, the world feels a bit volatile. And those topics are creating some hard conversations in small groups. That can leave group leaders reeling as they search for wisdom on how best to address important questions and topics.

Just take a look at our most-read articles of 2015, and you'll see a few of the big topics. From the "right" way to do small groups and same-sex marriage to biblical illiteracy and discipleship strategies, our readers are diving into important themes. In case you missed any of our most popular articles this year, we've listed them here for you:

1. The Right Way to Do Small Groups
What I've learned from years of small group consulting

2. 5 Mistakes that Ruin Small Groups
How to be an intentional small-group leader

3. The Epidemic of Bible Illiteracy in Our Churches
How small groups can change the statistics

4. How to Talk About the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling in Your Group
3 tips for discussing this heated topic with love, truth, and grace

5. When a Same-Sex Married Couple Attends Your Small Group
Is it okay to welcome a gay couple to your group?

6. Simple Small Groups that Go Deep
IF: Table is serving up relationships that challenge, support, and encourage.

7. Should Your Small Group Become a Missional Community?
Why The Austin Stone made the switch

8. 5 Myths About Introverts in Small Groups
Why introverts are actually assets to our groups

9. 3 Essentials for Disciple-Making Group Discussions
Expert tips for leading your group members to spiritual growth

10. Small Groups Matter
Despite growing negativity, God is working in and through community.

—Amy Jackson is managing editor of

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