3 Resources to Use Right Away in 2020

3 Resources to Use Right Away in 2020

Start strong with small groups in the new year.

Many small-group ministries re-tool, re-start, or simply start new groups in January. To kick off 2020 with a bang, we have three great resources you can use right away. They'll help you see success this year in your ministry.

Bring Structure to Your Ministry

Everything you need for the behind-the-scenes work of small-group ministry

No matter the size of your ministry, a little structure behind the scenes can go a long way in helping your ministry be successful. Whether it’s having a clear strategy for your groups, forming a coaching structure, building a team to help you, or keeping track of vital metrics, you as a small-group director are responsible for a million little things that most people don’t even think about when they think about small groups. You’ll learn exactly what your role is as small-group director, and you’ll get a full overview of all the things that make small-group ministries successful—even though most people don’t see them! Plus, we’ve included a Get Started Guide to help you make the most of this tool as you train yourself or a team.

Connect People into Small Groups

Everything you need to move people into groups

It's no small feat to help move people into small groups. Whether you're kicking off your ministry in January, starting some new groups, or simply looking to connect more people into your existing groups, this resource will show you how. Use this Training Tool to train yourself, a small-group director or apprentice director, or a team of leaders. The Get Started Guide shows you exactly how to maximize the comprehensive training included in this resource.

Small-Group Leader Training Program

Set a firm foundation for your new small-group leaders.

It can be difficult to train new small-group leaders. What exactly do brand-new leaders need to get started? How can you help them feel confident as they begin leading? And how can you train them effectively with as little stress as possible?

With the Small-Group Leader Training Program, we've done the hard work for you. You'll get all the tools you need to implement an engaging and practical training in a half-day workshop, a five-week turbo group, or a variety of other formats.

For more on starting strong and sustaining a healthy ministry, check out our Build Your Ministry page.

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