What You Need to Know About Depression, Suicide, and Mental Illness

What You Need to Know About Depression, Suicide, and Mental Illness

13 resources to help your small-group members who may be struggling

Any time suicide is in the news, we're filled with a sense of loss. We mourn the loss of what might have been, and we grieve the loss of gifts and talents. Whether it's a celebrity or someone closer to home, suicide is always a tragedy.

With depression and suicide in the news again in the wake of Robin Williams' death, let's take time to learn more about mental illness. Mental illness is far more prevalent than many realize, and there's a good chance you have or will have a group member who struggles.

SmallGroups.com has a training tool plus several articles and Bible studies to help you learn more about these important topics. Use these resources on your own, or, better yet, with your small group.


Caring for Those Struggling with Mental Illness

Followers of the Wounded Healer

Mental Illness Is Mainstream

Resource Review: Troubled Minds

We're All a Bunch of Loosers!

Your Small Group Can Help People Affected by Mental Illness

Training Tool

Handling Tragedy in Your Small Group

Bible Studies

Dealing with Suicide

Encouraging the Depressed

Hope for the Hurting

Ministering to Those with a Mental Illness

Teen Suicide

Troubled Minds: Responding to Mental Illness

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