Eating Well to the Glory of God

How what we eat matters to fulfilling our calling

In our country, there's a disconnect between eating well and having a body that is able to do what God calls us to do. We eat for enjoyment, for celebration, and even as a drug, but most of us don't consider how healthy eating affects how well we're able to fulfill our callings.

Whether or not you're overweight, this is an important topic, and we can all learn how to treat our bodies better so that we can better carry out our kingdom work. This brief video from This Is Our City explains more about why we must understand this relationship between food and calling. Consider showing it to your group and discussing the implications.

For a deeper discussion, use our new Bible study Body Matters. In three sessions, your group members will discuss our value in Christ, why our bodies matter to God, and how to set healthy goals to improve our health.

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