Why We Need Community

Now more than ever

In an age where we feel ultra connected—through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, texts, e-mails, and more—we're actually less connected than ever before. Worse, these online interactions, give us the illusion of fellowship, and it actually keeps us from investing in real relationships.

In his Leadership Journal article, Peyton Jones writes:

Genesis demonstrates that man was made as a relational being. It was not good for man to be alone, yet since the Fall, man's disconnectedness from others has been the direct result of his inability to connect with his Maker. Man is still hiding, but this time it's not behind a bush; it's behind a computer screen. He's still ashamed, and the Internet takes away much of the social pressure. Pseudo-intimacy in a cyber community will sabotage interpersonal relationships, and from the enemy's point of view, that's ideal. If the gospel is anything, it's social. It takes root through community and interpersonal communication. True ministry is incarnational. If this wasn't true, then Jesus wouldn't have come in person.

Small groups go against the grain of cultural norms. They require that we take time out of our schedule to regularly meet with others face to face. But this risk comes with great reward, and those of us involved with small groups know it well. We are meant to live in community. Our relationships add value to our lives—and it's through relationships that we add value to others' lives.

People are aching for real intimacy, and they're buying into the lie that they're getting it online. You have an amazing opportunity to help people experience real relationships. Are you up for the challenge?

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