Green for God's Glory

Celebrate Earth Day with your group

Since I was young, I've had an interest in being "green." I was a careful recycler. I reused odds and ends for craft projects. I cared about preserving the outdoors. Of course, during my teen years I took more than my fair share of ridiculously long showers. (Apparently water conservation wasn't that important to me.)

As I got older, though, my green lifestyle took on new meaning. When I started following Christ late in high school, I made the connection that being green wasn't just a nice thing to do. Instead, I began seeing creation as something God created and gave us to take care of. Over the next few years, my interest in living an environmentally friendly lifestyle turned into a passion—a God-given passion.

Since then I've had the opportunity to speak at a school, a church group, a women's event, and even a garden club about the importance of conserving the environment, and it's been a joy. To me, going green is one way we usher in the kingdom of God. We are called to be good stewards of the blessings God has given us—and that includes the earth. On top of that, many of the choices we make here affect our world-wide neighbors in negative ways—which means we're failing at the command to love our neighbors. For instance, the pesticides that are required for conventional cotton farms have a terrible effect on the health of the workers, most of whom are in poor countries.

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, use our three-session study Creation Care with your group or use the single-session study Going Green for God from our sister site, Consider ways that you, your small group, and your church are going green for God. Then brainstorm ways you can do even more.

Here are some ideas:

Start bringing your own bags when you shop

Use reusable water bottles and pitcher filters instead of disposable water bottles

Take your lunch in reusable containers

Reuse your current belongings before buying new ones

Recycle everything possible at small-group meetings (including plastic cups)

Eat snacks off of washable plates instead of paper ones

Limit the copies you print off for your group: e-mail out our downloadable studies to save paper

Start a recycling campaign at church

Set up a free paper recycling service (like Abitibi) for your church

Start a community garden

Share with us below: How are you living an eco-friendly, sustainable life?

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