Encouraging Parents in the Mundane

Small groups should encourage every member's calling.

Last week, our sister site Her.meneutics shared an insightful article from Andrea Palpant Dilley that small-group leaders should pay attention to. Dilley is reacting to a recent article from Christianity Today magazine called "Here Come the Radicals," which calls Christians to attack comfortable Christianity and instead live in radical ways.

While it's good to call American Christians out of our complacent, comfortable lives, Dilley rightfully notes that this call "has the potential to leave suburban moms looking like lazy Christians." Because as moms change diapers, make bottles, and check homework, they're far too busy with the mundane to attend to the radical. But moms, as we know, have a profound purpose in these seemingly mundane tasks.

Small groups can help mothers—and fathers—see the value in the day-to-day tasks of parenthood. We can help them feel appreciated. We can celebrate parents and help them do even the mundane with a worshipful heart.

Check out the full post here, and let us know: How can small groups help group members live out their calling—whatever that might be?

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