The Top 10 Articles of 2009

Now you can benefit from what was most exciting and helpful to our readers last year.

I'm happy to say that 2009 was a fun and productive year for It was the first full year after our re-launch in October of 2008, and we were able to produce a wide variety of helpful resources for churches and small-group leaders. (I'm especially proud that our top two articles were written by John Ortberg and Neil Cole. Now that's diversity!)

Below are the ten free articles that readers visited most in 2009. Enjoy!

1. No More Mr. Nice Group
Five practices that take small groups beyond polite sharing to the disciplines that change lives.
By John Ortberg

2. The Secret Source of Unlimited Leaders
Why we need to be farmers, not recruiters
By Neil Cole

3. Why Small Groups?
Steve Gladen and Rick Howerton talk about the history and necessity of small groups in America.
Interview with Steve Gladen and Rick Howerton

4. How to Give Away Your Small Group
A new strategy for trauma-free multiplication
By Joe Windham

5. Successfully Launching a Small Group
Here are four things you can do to make sure you new group takes flight.
By Reid Smith

6. Tips for Facilitating a Group Discussion
Practical advice for working toward life-change, not spectacular meetings
By Carter Moss

7. In Depth: Listening Well
A collection of resources that can improve your listening skills and help you apply them in small-group situations

8. In Depth: Spiritual Disciplines
A collection of resources to help you practice spiritual disciplines individually and as part of a group

9. Small Groups Snapshot: Restore Community Church
When a passion for small groups and discipleship meets a new church plant
Interview with Janet McMahon

10. Questions: Icebreakers, and Beyond
Ask good questions like Jesus
By Dan Lentz

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