A Body with No Head

Have churches and small groups replaced the incomparable Christ with something safer and smaller?
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How can small groups and community ministries participate?

As one who both plants and works with organic believing communities, I've found that community-life that is centered on Christ comes easier with a smaller group than with a large one. So when a group is too large, it's best to have it broke up into smaller groups for shared-life community to take place. We see this done with the large churches of Jerusalem and Ephesus during the New Testament era.

My book Finding Organic Church discusses various practical ways in which new churches and seasoned churches can be founded upon Christ and Christ alone—knowing him together, living by him together, loving him together, and manifesting him together as best as possible amid the Fall that has affected us all.

—Frank Viola; copyright 2010 by the author and Christianity Today International. To read more from Frank, visit www.FrankViola.com.

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