Top 10 Downloads of 2008

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10.Building a Culture of DiscipleshipTraining Theme
Many small-group ministries fail because churches view them as "just another program." In reality, a successful small-groups program should be a foundational element for the church that runs it, and building community should be a central goal and regular practice. This download will help your church grow a culture of discipleship that goes beyond a single ministry focus.

9.Coaching Small Group LeadersPractical Ministry Skills
The role of a small-group coach is to teach, support, and confront the group leaders. This downloadable resource can help focus and strengthen your church's coaching ministry. And if your church doesn't support small-group leaders with coaches yet, this resource can help you get started today.

8.Ministering to Difficult Group MembersPractical Ministry Skills
The task of leading a small group can become nearly impossible when your group contains one or more challenging personalities—people who talk too little or too much, people with emotional problems, people who promote false theology, and so on. This download contains articles and assessments written by noted experts and is sure to be a source of comfort and help to any group leader attempting to serve where extra grace is required.

7.Small-Group Assimilation StrategiesPractical Ministry Skills
It can be hard to integrate newcomers to your church into small groups. Similarly, small-group visitors may have a difficult time becoming more involved in other ministries. This training resource can help your church accomplish both, as well as help your individual small groups become more welcoming.

6.Best Church Practices: Small-Group MinistryBest Church Practices
Leading a small group isn't easy, but we've taken the chore out of creating documents and procedures for you! This download contains 16 policies and forms that can be fully customized to fit your church and ministry. These documents include job and ministry descriptions, application forms, leadership criteria, profiles, and much more.

5.Missional Small GroupsTraining Theme
There's no question that the word missional is generating a lot of buzz in ministry circles today. Can missional practices and principles really enhance your small-group ministry? Yes! This downloadable resource features devotionals, activities, assessments, and how-to articles from trusted leaders around the world.

4.Effective Turbo GroupsPractical Ministry Skills
Turbo groups are an effective way to train several new small-group leaders and co-leaders at once. An extensive five-week curriculum will also show you how they are an excellent method for exposing potential leaders to the routines and requirements of a small group in order to gauge their willingness and capability for the role.

3.Sermon-Based Small GroupsPractical Ministry Skills
This resource features a wealth of practical training material that can help your church adapt to a sermon-based discipleship program in a short amount of time. Experienced authors help you write discussion questions, create study guides, and even build sermon-based DVD curriculum. This download also features a variety of helpful sample forms that you can adapt to get started now.

2.Small-Group EvaluationsAssessment Pack
You may have received this top-selling guide during our free giveaway in July. If you haven't seen it yet, the handouts in this Assessment Pack are designed to evaluate specific dimensions of small-group ministry. They address individual small groups as well as church-wide group ministries to maintain ministry health.

1.Small Group LeaderOrientation Guide
This guide is a must-have for every new leader and ministry. It is designed to help you equip your church to provide orientation and basic training to new small group leaders, and to help seasoned small group leaders refresh themselves on their responsibilities. Use for a training meeting or hand out to individual leaders.

Bonus! Editor's Pick While this download didn't make the Top 10,'s managing editor Sam O'Neal selected Meaningful Worship in Small Groups as his pick for 2008. He says of this Practical Ministry Skills download, "Worship is something that a lot of groups struggle to do well, and I really think this download has some practical and innovative tips that can help."

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