Top Ten: New Years

The top ten New Year's resolutions your group really needs to make

10. Locate a copy of last year's resolution list.

9. Stop bringing canned goods every week for the Y2K emergency shelter.

8. After another week of Katie's cooking, figure out how to get Emeril Lagasse into the group to "kick" the refreshment menu "up a notch".

7. Impress upon upon each other that "fellowship" and "eating" are not necessarily synonyms

6. Accountability that doesn't include pictures!

5. Convince the group leader that turning the group into a support group for disgruntled Florida voters is a bad idea.

4. Sort group members in the directory by favorite potluck recipe.

3. No more bean dip for refreshments!

2. Stop chanting, "We love Jesus, yes we do. We love Jesus, how 'bout you!" during church service.

1. One word - DEODERANT!

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