The top 10 lame excuses for arriving late to your small group

10. I was shampooing the cat.

Rick Wilson, Caring First Church

9. We started watching the new reality TV show, "Race to the Small Group."

Mike Mack, Northeast Christian, Louisville

8. Oops - I lost track of the time while free-translating tonight's text from the Hebrew.

Rick Lowry, Crossroads Christian, Evansville IN

7. One Word: Mapquest!

Tom Cotter, Clovis Christian Church - Clovis, CA

6. My Televangelist siad that the rapture was going to be tonight.

Bryan Begley, Kimball Church of Christ

5. It was the wife thou gavest me.

Ken Erickson, Brownsville Community Fellowship Church

4. God has really convicted me of driving over the speed limit lately, and tonight I had victory in Jesus.

Rich Hart, Venice Bible Church

3. "I got caught up praying for more sensitivity for our small group members and lost track of time".

John Buckles, Heritage Christian Church

2. We don't like the snacks, the singing, or the icebreaker. We just come for the lesson.

Ken Erickson, Brownsville Community Fellowship Church

1. Sorry- I guess I stayed too long at the small group for my other church.

Rick Lowry, Crossroads Christian, Evansville IN

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