Top 10 questions you wish you asked before hosting a small group.

10. Can these people tell time?

9. How do we convince people to keep their pets at home?

8. Will participants have enough sense not to park in front of my neighbors diveway?

7. Will we need more than the one parking space my condo allows?

6. Do I have to put a pad lock on my refrigerator?

5. How do you get cherry pie stain out of carpet?

4. What do you recommend when the rest of the group votes to get matching tattoos?

3. Should I take out insurance on my antiques since young children are coming?

2. Will anyone be offended by my 2 year old's "naked time".

1. Is it true that the host job description requires me to loan my 50" plasma HDTV to fellow group members anytime I'm asked?

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