Beat the Heat

Top 10 signs your group has gone too far to beat the summer heat.

10. John and Edna's personal fan gets a little loud during closing prayer.

9. All summer group gatherings have been relocated to the nearest ice rink.

8. Members gather at Wal-Mart, "borrow" Bibles from the book department and folding chairs from home furnishings, then have group in the frozen food aisle.

7. Booked an Alaskan Cruise with Tammy Faye.

6. The warm up 13 weeks in a row has been "fun with Slip & Slide".

5. Your group installs cool air misters.

4.Your initial 'welcome to small group hug" is lowered to "hey!".

3. Group members spray each other with Super Soaker squirt guns after each correct answer.

2. Your group serves sunscreen instead of coffee.

1. "Dance Like David" night.

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