Filling the Empty Fridge

One small group grew closer by meeting each other's needs.

Tracy stared into an empty refrigerator. Even with two incomes, money was tight for her family of three.

"Darryl, if we're going to eat this weekend, I'm going to need about $80 by then," she told her husband.

"Okay, I'll get you the money somehow, even if we have to skip paying a bill."

God would provide. He'd done it before. But how would he do it this time?

Neither Tracy nor Darryl wanted to tell anyone. It was tough to admit they needed help. Although they'd recently joined a small group with friends from Tracy's office, they told the group almost nothing about their financial struggles.

Other group members had enough trouble of their own, didn't they? One couple had just learned their baby would be born with birth defects. Another couple had a son going through legal problems. So Tracy and Darryl stayed silent.

Days later, they hosted their group for a barbeque at their house. As the group prepared the food they'd brought, one member, Susan, opened Tracy and Darryl's refrigerator to get something.

Empty. No milk. No bread.

Susan had never seen a refrigerator that empty. But she did understand what it was like to overcome financial hardships. The empty refrigerator brought back memories of her own family's struggles and of the friends who helped them through.

"They'd just show up at the house with laundry detergent, milk, or $100 worth of groceries," Susan said. She believed God wanted her group to do the same thing for Tracy and Darryl.

Six members went together to the store to buy the food. They had a blast choosing what to get. They laughed their way through the store. Tracy was stunned when they arrived at her house with ...

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