Dr. Phil

Top 10 things Dr. Phil would say if he came to your group.

10. Y'all got more problems than a chicken on a farm.

Anita, Journey's Crossing

9. That's not how Oprah does it.

Bryan Begley, Kimball Church of Christ

8. If you're going to find your authentic selves, you've gotta go with Serendipity!

Jeff Austen, Community Fellowship Church

7. Y'all need to get beyond your fears and excuses. Now be honest with me, how do you really feel about your small group leader here?

Jeff Austen, Community Fellowship Church

6. "By the looks of it, you folks need to quit this silly study of Psalms right NOW, and get busy discussing my best-selling book on weight loss instead!"

Len Woods, Christ Community Church, Ruston, LA

5. "How can you heal your marriage? Don't ask me, everything on my show is scripted - I'm really a toilet-seat salesman from the hills of Kentucky."

Dan Katka, Gateway Church

4. "This isn't rocket science, people. If you keep doing what you've been doing (not inviting any new people), then you're gonna keep getting what you've been getting (that empty chair over there)."

Len Woods, Christ Community Church, Ruston, LA

3. This group sure beats watching Oprah!

Kent Fillinger, Brownsburg Christian Church

2. "Call me whatever you want, but when it comes to relational advice, I find Paul appealing and Peale appalling."

Len Woods, Christ Community Church, Ruston, LA

1. How do y'all expect to experience Ultimate Weight Loss if you keep eating this pound cake every time you get together?

Jeff Austen, Community Fellowship Church

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