Christmas Party

Top 10 lessons learned from last year's group Christmas party.

10. Nix on the mistletoe for the singles small groups.

Rick lowry, Crossroads Christian, Evansville, IN

9. The small group WITH the most fruitcakes… tends to GIVE the most fruitcakes.

Len Woods, Christ Community, Ruston, LA

8. Spelling out Jesus' age may work better than 2000+ candles.

Aaron Acton, HC3

7. Don't let the seeker make the egg nog.

Michael Mack, Northeast Christian, Louisville

6. Don't watch "It's a Wonderful Life" with the suicide support group, it is hard to get to the end.

Brian Gorman, First Christian Church

5. Handel obviously intended that "The Hallelujah Chorus" be performed by a large choir of trained professionals… not by seven tone-deaf Southerners.

Len Woods, Christ Community, Ruston, LA

4. Put down some plastic on the carpet before doing the "Living Nativity" at my house.

Jim Walker, First UMC, Wyandotte MI

3. Our next study topic will be "It is better to give than to receive".

Carol Perry, New Harvest, Oregon, OH

2. One man's "gag gift" is another group member's (or, more precisely, "ex-member's") "serious hobby."

Len Woods, Christ Community, Ruston, LA

1. Remember to put the right name on the gift not, "The Fat Lady who sings".

Michele Morgan

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