Locked Out

Top 10 reasons your group is locked out of the host home

10. No one has confessed to last week's "kool-aid fiasco"

Bryan Begley, Kimball Church of Christ

9. They joined a different group.

Dick Greenlee, Gingellville Community Church

8. They are sick of the mess small group leaves and how late they stay so they are having it in the garage (or neighbours house).

Sheila Ely, Bethany Community

7. Hands-on action step from last week's lesson based on Revelation 3, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock."

Rick Lowry, Crossroads Christian, Evansville IN

6. Still roped off as crime scene from your last meeting.

Jay Daniell, Our Savior Lutheran, Norfolk,Ne

5. The group is mistaken for the weekly visit from the Jehovah Witnesses.

Rich Hart, Venice Bible Church

4. The host put his address number on the neighbor's house as an icebreaker.

Rich Hart, Venice Bible Church

3. The Board of Health got wind of last week's snack.

Mike Mack, Northeast Christian, Louisville

2. The vacuum noise is drowning out the doorbell.

Rich Hart, Venice Bible Church

1. The empty chair somehow got lodged up against the doorknob.

Jay Firebaugh, Clearpoint

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