Aim High

How to make youth ministry really work.

With the right tools, your youth ministry can realize even your most "impossible" goals.

As a youth leader, you've got a tough road. Your job is to get a diverse group of busy, overwhelmed students to share one goal: getting to know Jesus Christ deeper and to make Him known to others. As if that isn't hard enough, you also want your ministry to be a place where students can find real friendships and experience exciting growth, meaningful service, genuine sharing and heart-felt worship with one another.

To an outsider, this may seem like an impossible task, but you know that with prayer and the proper tools, it can happen. In fact, youth leaders across the country have been making it happen with Lifetogether's Student Edition small group series.

This series resonates with students because it starts them on a relational journey, from being a member of a small group to being a vital part of an unbelievable, spiritual community.

But the series isn't just about the students. These books will help you think, talk, dig deep, care, heal, share—and have fun with your students!

Need more details? Click here for some FAQs.

You can also click here to listen to a 15 minute interview with the authors of the Life Together Student Edition—Doug Fields and Brett Eastman.

Want to see a sample lesson? Click here to download a .pdf of Chapter 1 from "Starting to Go Where God Wants You to Be."

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