We Aren't Big, We're Just Right!

Top 10 excuses for a small group never birthing.

10. We have already have 10 adults and 24 children…you want us to do what?

9. The apprentice leader hasn't finished his M.Div.

8. They're going for Guinness record: "World's Largest Small Group."

7. Thirty people is just the right size for a small group!

6. All I ever wanted is in this group.

5. Why birth when you can just build on a new room?

4. Hard to find an OB/GYN that the entire group can agree on.

3. When we started talking about birthing, all the men passed out.

2. We made a vow to DO LIFE together!

1. Leader says "They all love me and I can't get them to leave."

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