Top 10 reasons you think your apprentice is planning a hostile takeover of the group.

10. When her 'outreach' suggestion involves sending the leader to Belize.

9. He keeps mumbling "crucify him … crucify him" whenever you enter the room.

8. For the last 7 weeks he's been marching around you playing a trumpet.

7. Whenever you say anything in group, your apprentice says, "Well, that's really unique, isn't it group?"

6. "Diploma.com" just provided him with his ordination papers.

5. She's told everyone you have a contageous disease and you're in long-term isolation.

4. Responds to everything you say with, "Well, that's ONE way of looking at it …"

3. During lulls in the meeting, he is seen scribbling an acceptance speech.

2. Demands a recount whenever anyone in the group raises their hand.

1. When her ice-breaker encourages the group to 'tie & gag the leader' for fun.

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