Top 10 things overheard as a Small-Group Leader speaks to his psychologist.

10. Wait a minute—you didn't ask me an ice breaker!

9. "No Doc. I just need commitment from my group I don't need commitment."

8. What do you mean "you're the one who asks the questions?!"

7. But my mother's not even IN my small group!

6. I still say that ink blot looks like an empty chair!

5. What do you mean, I have koinophobia?

4. "Wanna come to my small group and lead an ink-blot mixer or two?"

3. What do you mean, "you're an 'aprentice psychologist'"!

2. I keep having this recurring nightmare: I'm walking down the street looking for the host home for that week. When I finally find the house, they've started without me. Everyone looks at me. It's only then that I realize I'm standing there in my underwear.

1. I've taken up quite a bit of our time, let's hear from someone else.

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