Left Behind

Top 10 ways to know your group has been reading the Left Behind series

10. They are watching the news, looking for the "SIGNS".

9. They walk to group in case the rapture occurs while driving.

8. Group insists on videotaping every meeting to leave for the future "Trib Force".

7. Everyone wants to be called "Buck" or "Chloe".

6. Every new person in the group is suspected to be the Anti-Christ!!

5. When no one shows up on time, the leaders begin to worry..."Maybe I've been left behind?"

4. They have an autographed picture of Kirk Cameron in their Bible.

3. The group needs to take an hourly break to go outside and look up at the sky.

2. Latest Study Guide is entitled "Desecration".

1. Each meeting begins with a close examination of each member's forehead.

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