Childcare, Part 2

Top 10 signs that your childcare isn't working.

10. People are volunteering to help with the childcare—because there are fewer children THERE than in the group area.

9. The kids do not know the books of the Bible, but they can quote every word of the Lion King.

8. During prayer, the person saying the prayer uses the words "stop fighting, mommy will be there in a MINUTE" every other sentence.

7. A pizza guy, plumber and pest control guy all show up at your front door saying they were called by your 14 year old daughter.

6. Parents come to your group with first aid kits "just in case".

5. The video being shown downstairs for the kids is "Lord of the Flies".

4. The last 3 meetings have been cut short so you can take the babysitter to the hospital.

3. Fifteen minutes after everyone arrives, the children have every adult tied with rope in a circle around a fire, chanting something in Cherokee.

2. When the police have surrounded the sitters house because the kids are holding her for a ransom.

1. For convenience' sake, members suggest just going ahead and moving your meeting site to the ER waiting room.

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