How to Have a Successful Children's Group Time

If you're struggling with where to start with a children's small group time, here are a few suggestions.

If you want to know the truth about something, ask the children. They will tell you. When I asked some of the children in a small group what their special memories of children's cell time were, they said:

7-year-old: "I remember when Mr. Leonard (senior pastor) sat on the floor with us and listened to us."

4-year-old: "I like to be with the big kids and do what they do. They let me talk and everything."

15-year-old: "I remember when Jeff blindfolded us and led us around the furniture. He said that is the way God leads us, and we should trust Him."

9-year-old: "I remember when I was afraid to go to public school because I had been home-schooled. All the kids prayed for me."

When leaders in new cell churches hear these testimonies they ask: "We like the idea of children's small groups, but how can we create children's groups that work? How can our children learn to pray for one another, love one another, minister to one another?"


A children's small group is "a small group of children bonded together around a leader for mutual care, prayer, questioning and discussion. Living their Christian life together, they reach out to serve others and to win other children to follow Jesus". This small group (often called the Kid's Slot) is a sub-group of the family group. In actuality, children's groups function like adult groups. The goal of children's groups is to meet children's spiritual needs much as adult groups meet adults' spiritual needs. But most churches do not know how to create children's small groups that do this. Intergenerational groups needed guidance with their children.

To facilitate the children's small group, each family group should designate a children's small group coordinator. This person ...

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