Time to Move

Top 10 reasons to stop meeting at your host's home.

10. When it gets so comfortable that he doesn't bother to put a shirt on for study time.

9. They have new white carpet and pick up every crumb that falls with one hand while carrying around carpet cleaner in the other.

8. Host idea of icebreaker is their vacation slides.

7. You're tired of finding cat hair in your coffee.

6. Their fellowship meetings double as a "painting party".

5. They thought indoor plumbing was just a fad and would never catch on.

4. For the past few weeks there has been a sign on the door, "come on in, please turn on the coffee pot", but they never show up!

3. The cats outnumber the group members 10:1.

2. The Hosts home is so near the nuclear reactor that when you turn the lights off the hosts glow in the dark.

1. The host charges for parking.

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