The Ride Home

Top 10 things that make for a "great" ride home with your spouse.

10. Sorry for the yawn, my wife can snore with the best of them.

9. As part of the Bible study, you ask everyone to look at your wife's hair and imagine the burning bush.

8. What is your wife's most disgusting habit?

7. Your suggestion that members should weigh in each week for the sake of accountability.

6. We'll bring goodies next week but I'm sure you would want us to buy them.

5. "My inlaws are in town next week, but small group at our house would be fine, right honeybabe?"

4. Since my wife is using the restroom, let me share a couple of personal prayer requests for her.

3. "Psst! My husband has never gone golfing before, I suggest he just drives the cart instead of the Ball."

2. "My Wife would love to watch your four boys all day tomorrow."

1. I didn't marry my wife because of her outward beauty.

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