Moving from Teaching to Obedience

Leaders must live a life worth imitating.

A life reflecting biblical obedience could be described as one who loves God with his whole heart, soul and mind, and loves his neighbor as himself. By definition biblical obedience is submission or adherence to biblical principles. To obey one must first have some knowledge of those principles. Yet simply knowing a truth does not necessarily affect behavior. Have you ever been in a situation where you knew the right thing to do, but chose not to?

Obtaining biblical knowledge is a great pursuit. But how do we move from teaching that results in biblical knowledge to biblical obedience? Recently a small group leader was telling me about the study her group was doing on the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers. Now, don't get me wrong. Knowing about the Tigress and Euphrates is not a bad thing. But what I need to know, and what I believe most spiritually growth oriented individuals want, are more practical concepts, such as how to better love my husband, how to obey my boss, how to care for parents who live almost 500 miles away, and how to be a godly influence on my four little nieces that I see only a few times a year. And if I ever want to know about the Tigress and Euphrates I'll go find a map!

I owe a great deal of my spiritual growth to participation in small groups. Soon after becoming a Christian in 1991 I entered my first small group - Class 101, Basic Christianity. Later, when my husband and I joined a couples group we saw first hand people striving to have a God-honoring marriage. By no means were they perfect, still, our marriage was strengthened.

Since that time I have worked in a variety of capacities with small groups and currently work as pastor of small groups and discipleship. I do this because I truly believe it ...

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