Letting Jesus Lead

Your cell group is literally the body of Christ.

Have you seen a TV program or movie that shows a lineup through a one-way mirror? Now imagine that you, as a cell leader, are watching a lineup of your cell group in such a manner. There they are: eight or ten people, all with different needs and strengths. You have met with them long enough to know which ones are emotionally healthy and who is spiritually strong.

Look again. What (not whom) are you viewing? These dear ones are literally the body of Jesus Christ! 1 Corinthians 12 tells us they are all body parts. The Holy Spirit selected them (v. 13) and joined them together as hands, legs and even "inward parts."

Of course, you know which one overtalks and which one arrives late most of the time. But do you know this about them—every single one has the same degree of righteousness! Paul explains in Romans 3:22 that Christ is our only source of righteousness. When He indwells our lives, we receive all the righteousness we will ever have for all eternity.

I once sat in a Bible study led by Jackie Pullinger in the Old Walled City in Hong Kong. Those attending were former cutthroats and vagabonds who had recently accepted Jesus into their lives. While they were clean on the inside, their body odor revealed that they needed to bathe. Regardless, one of the seediest members of the group shared a profound insight with the others. A pastor friend looked over at me in disgust. He later asked Jackie, "Why in the world did you let that smelly bum share that spiritual insight?" Jackie scolded him: "Do you think because you went to seminary you have any more righteousness in you than he has in him? He has exactly as much righteousness right now as he will ever have, and if Christ wants to speak through him, that man has every right ...

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