Ideas for Reaching Out

Some tangible works you can do to serve your neighbors for Christ.

Through listserves and discussion boards the Small Group Network has received several practical ideas from members on how to do service-based evangelism. Use these ideas in your group and remember what one Small Group Network member said, "Our goal is that God would place you in homes that need your touch on the material things and His touch with the spiritual aspects and that your love and desire to serve Him would draw others to His love and grace."

"…our group offers free services to targeted people (like changing oil in single mom's cars). We advertise by putting something in the church bulletin and then our church members pass that information on to all their unchurched friends. (We get calls from members who need help themselves. While we don't want to ignore the needs of our own members, our main mission is to reach those who have no church home, or don't know Christ.)"

"…why not try contacting the local senior citizen center? We have one where senior go during the day and then go back home in the evening. Another idea might be to contact any local hospices that you have to see if they know of individuals (ex: who might be too sick to complete handyman types of jobs around the house -- or survivors (widows and widowers) who need someone to help them ) who need "handyman" help. These people are in a lot of grief, either way, and would appreciate the helpfulness and care that a group like yours would give."

"…we find out what manual skills people in our group have then put up an ad in a local hardware store advertising free services. We also ask group members to watch for people who do not know Christ who need this kind of help and pass the info on to them. This may be a paradigm change for lots of ...

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