Top 10 ways to incorporate your leader's hobbies into small group meetings

10. Rent a bungie jump for your next group social

9. Promise not to reveal any of the personal prayer requests if they'll each provide $100 for you to take to the track.

8. Schedule your next group meeting at the airport, strap a parachute on to everyone, climb aboard a sky-diving club plane and then say, "I just thought our prayer times have been a little too surfacy lately!"

7. Group members holding targets in archery is a great faith building exercise!

6. Have your group come to the meeting with flashlights, and then go on a "Spelunking Outreach" and witness to people in caves.

5. Group service project: make Origami decorations for the local jail

4. Galatian Golfing - Chapter Six- 18 verses, 18 holes

3. During nature walk/icebreaker, group members are asked to read Psalm 42:1, then pretend to graze like deer while the leader observes from his tree stand.

2. Small Group—Monday Nights—Al Michaels leads group via ABC TV network feed - Feel the Power!

1. Begin to collect group membership dues for green fees.

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