Hanging Out and Reaching Out

Having fun outside of group time can bond your small group together.

Spending time together beyond weekly meetings can be a bonding experience for your small group. The following are activities my small group has done to strengthen our relationships.

  • Participate in a project at church—cleaning, preparing a meal, choir dramas, etc. Plan a picnic and go the mountain or park. (Use a friend's cabin or reserve a pavilion.)

  • Spend the weekend together —especially when a group is just beginning. Relationships are strengthened on retreats. Go someplace where distractions will be limited. (examples: Church Family Camp, Church Snowmobile Retreat, etc.)

  • Meet for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning.

  • Send notes to group members during the week. This is a great way to encourage members, and make them feel special … which they are.

  • Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Distribute a list of everyone's birthdays and celebrate once a month with a little cake and ice cream. Encourage members to bring a funny card.

  • If one member is involved in a special event that is open to others, attend as a group. Showing support for each other is an important part of building community. This could be for a banquet when someone receives an award or attending a funeral with that person.

  • Make cards, a homemade food basket, or prepare a whole meal and deliver them to people at their home.

  • Meet for lunch, dinner, or dessert (after a church service). Thirty minutes over a meal can open new doors between people.

  • Invite several members to go on a hunting, fishing or camping trip.

  • Women get together and go to a craft fair, then out for dessert.

  • Exercise together in the evenings by walking or jogging.

  • Throw a baby shower for a new mother in the group. Exchange baby clothes and other baby items that are no longer in use.

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