Going to Seed

The life-cycle of a group means it will eventually go to seed, which can be a great ministry opportunity.

Young plants sprout from a seed and then go through a process of establishing their own roots. At anytime during that process plants are challenged by many different factors: poor soil, weeds, lack of water, or people. But, if the plant survives and then begins to thrive an interesting thing happens, plants will bear fruit or flowers. Flower and fruit bearing is a beautiful and anticipated time when watching plants grow. But generally, fruit and flower bearing lasts for a season and then what? In God's creation, once a plant produces a flower or fruit, it generally 'goes to seed'. Depending on what type of plant it is, it will either die or go into a dormancy period before bearing fruit again. However, by going to seed it creates the possibility of reproducing itself.

Matthew 13:31-32 describes the kingdom of God as growing from a small seed to a large plant. The church as well as your group is a part of that growing process in the kingdom of God. If your group is healthy it will grow and bear fruit. At the same time we need to also recognize that growing things have life cycles. And so do groups. Groups bear fruit and then sometimes go to seed.

I have watched this life-cycle lived out in practically every group I have seen or have been a member of. Some make a valid point when they say, our group has been together for 5-10 years and we haven't died. However, keeping a group together for long periods of time doesn't mean you can avoid the life-cycle. There are different ideas about group life-cycles, but most people agree that typically after 1-2 years of group life, a group will go to seed. The critical question is what do you do when your group goes to seed? Groups may go to seed and stay dormant for long periods of time ...

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