Duct Tape

Top 10 uses for duct tape at your meeting.

10. Sure solves the problem with that EGR person.

9. Use it to tape the kids to the wall in the den.

8. To tape up the mouth of the one who plays "the devil's advocate".

7. Just a tiny piece on the eyelids of sleepy members will do wonders during the Bible study! Don't forget to remove for prayer.

6. Is your compassion dried up? Just put a long strip on your forearm and rip it off and the tears will flow again.

5. To tape the visitors car doors shut until they sign a commitment to join the cell.

4. Tape eyes open while person gives life story in response to question.

3. Make's a snappy bookcover for your study guide.

2. Fix broken lamp caused by childcare mishap.

1. A last resort to hold together that flimsy lesson prepared at 10 till meeting time.

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