Worship in the Cell Church

What does true worship look like?

"Worship Him and then serve Him only" said Jesus (Mt. 4:10). With that short phrase, Jesus forever established Christian priorities: Worship first and service second.If you're like me, I have the tendency toreverse that order. I want to do, to accomplish, to perform. Yet, Jesus gently reminds me that He's not impressed by my actions as much as my communion with Him. He reminds me that the Father is seeking worshippers who know how to seek Him. What does it mean to worship Him?


Worship is the believer's response to God's work of grace. In the Old Testament the word worship literally means to prostrate yourself on the ground. It speaks of the humility one should have before our creator. The word worship speaks of bowing down before the King of Kings.

In fact, most of the words that refer to worshipping God are used in physical terms. Throughout the Scriptures we find a variety of postures used in worship: lying prostrate on one's face, kneeling, standing, clapping, lifting -up the arms, dancing, lifting the head, bowing the head. Some of the responses to worship in the Old Testament are:

· Bending over (2 Kings 18:22; Psalm 5:8)

· Stooping(2 Chronicles. 29:29; Ezra 9:5; Ps. 22:30)

· Falling on the face (Genesis 24:26, 48; Exodus 4:31)

· Throwing oneself down (Deuteronomy 9:18, 25; Ezra 10:1)

· Bowing the head (Isaiah 58:5; Micah 6:6)

· Standing before the Lord ( Nehemiah 9:2; Ps. 106:30; Jeremiah 18:20).

There is no one correct posture for worshipping God. Posture is only useful when it expresses the reality of the heart. To painfully prostrate yourself before God for hours during personal worship only because you're ...

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