Two More Ways to Pray

Ideas for making prayer more tangible and interesting to those in your group.

Praying To Make A Global Impact

Expand the vision of those you pray with by planning a global impact prayer session. Purchase a plastic blow-up globe shaped like a beach ball at a local dollar store. Toss the ball around the room (making a global impact) as you discuss the importance of praying for people around the world. To challenge your group's world-praying experience, each time the globe is tossed to a different person ask him or her to share a quick prayer for a foreign country and its people (being as specific as possible).

When you've finished playing the global impact game, select one of the countries already discussed to pray for in more depth. You could use the Operation World: The Day-by-Day Guide to Praying for the World resource book compiled by Patrick Johnstone and published by Zondervan. This extensive study provides 365 days of praying for different countries. Each day lists all the vital statistics of that country, the religious practices, as well as political/economic information. A quick read-through of the country your group is interested in praying for will provide more than enough background for a lengthy global prayer session. You can assign individual group members different causes to pray for during your meeting: economic, political, religious freedom, missionary involvement, for instance.

Before the meeting ends, ask the group to continue praying for this country the remainder of the week. Challenge them to be attentive to any newspaper articles or television news programs with updates regarding the country and for more current prayer issues. At the next meeting, open by sharing any new developments or how God has changed the lives of those who have been praying for foreign countries.

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