Touching the Heart of the True Shepherd

Loving God through prayer will lead to stronger, healthier groups, and draw unbelievers towards God.

George and Sally Forrester often invited Ben and Nancy to their Columbia, South Carolina, cell group. Ben and Nancy always refused. Rather than letting this discourage them, George and Sally committed to pray even more fervently for their agnostic neighbors.

The Forrester's did not know that Ben and Nancy's marriage was extremely unstable. After a sharp disagreement, they felt there was no hope. They decided to see a lawyer the next morning to begin divorce proceedings. At that moment, George knocked on their door, trying one more time to invite them to their cell meeting. Ben shrugged his shoulders, glanced at Nancy and said, "Why not? It sure can't hurt."

To their surprise, Ben and Nancy found they enjoyed the warmth of their new Christian friends. But more importantly, they made the most vital decision of their lives. They repented of their sins, let go of unforgiveness and received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Today, Ben and Nancy not only have a strong marriage, but also lead a cell group.

Bruce Klepp, pastor of Upper Room Assembly in Miami, Florida, smiled as he gave a testimony from one of their cell groups: "With the recent hurricanes we experienced, it has been almost impossible to sell homes. We've had a couple from one of the cell groups that has been desperate to sell theirs. It had been on the market for months with no results. Then they began hosting a cell in their home, and their group began praying for them. Within a few weeks, their home sold."

Ruth attended a cell group in rural Pennsylvania. During one cell meeting, she shared an unusual prayer request. Her daughter's car had struck an expensive bull on a gene farm. The bull had lain injured and paralyzed for hours before someone could come and help. ...

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