Memorizing Scripture

Three methods to make memorization easier.

The support of friends and the regular meeting times of a small group provide the balance of accountability and encouragement needed to consistently memorize Scripture. Here are three methods to help you pursue this spiritual discipline.

  1. Topical Memory System. This product of The Navigators prints individual verses on small cards and organizes them around various themes (growing in Christ, living victoriously, etc.). Set a goal of learning one verse per meeting. Reserve a few minutes at the beginning of your group time to quiz one another. For product information, call you local bookstore or 1-800-366-7788.

  2. Bible study tie-in.Say you're studying 1 Timothy. Why not memorize a verse from each week's passage? You'll internalize truth and be able to reflect on your study all week long.

  3. Board game.This is an age-old trick for memorization. Write the verse on a white board. Ask the entire group to read it aloud. Then erase one word at a time, reading the verse again after each omission. Continue until words are left and you've memorized the entire verse.

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