Leadership Material?

Could YOU lead a small group?

The day had arrived. Tonight we were having our first small group meeting. We had invited our friends and had a plan. Yet we were nervous. Who would show up? What would they think of us? What would we do and say? Even if they came this once, would they ever come again? I felt a little on edge as I scrambled around making the final preparations. Yet at the conclusion of that evening my wife and I were elated over what God had done and what we had to look forward to with this group of people.

A lot of people laugh at me when I suggest that they consider starting a small group. People are afraid that they don't have what it takes: the ability, training, time, etc. Still, I am convinced that most people who feel this way just don't understand what is involved in forming a new small group. Here are a few excuses I've heard.

Excuse #1"I have very little time…How could I possibly be a small group leader?You are a very busy person. Your job is demanding, the commute is draining, your kids play sports, your spare time is precious to you. You may find this amazing, but I just described the lifestyle of the average small group leader. We are busy people, but leading a small group is a wise and rewarding investment of you time! Besides that, most small groups meet for less than two hours at a time, once every week or every other week (not a lot of time when you consider how much time we spend watching TV). We all have the time to invest, it's just a matter of determining what our priorities are. This is especially true when you realize that you are a discussion leader/facilitator, not the presenter of a theological lecture. Plus, you will have an apprentice who helps you with the calls and planning, as well as a host who takes ...

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