The Friendly Group

Top 10 ways to make your group more friendly.

10. Stop meeting at the local funeral home.

Nick and Elaine Storm, St. Philip's Episcopal, Moon Twp. PA

9. Pass out "Hi, I'm Friendly" buttons.

Dave Wilkinson, First United Methodist, Green Bay, WI

8. Tell them if they cannot be more caring and friendly to others, then you will send them on a personal inner-search, life-quest retreat: one month participation in the Childrens' Ministry.

Renee Meese, New Community Church, Pittsburgh, PA

7. Make your "empty chair" an "empty La-Z-Boy."

Matt Anthony, Blanchard Road Alliance Church

6. Discontinue using the icebreaker, "What is the worst sin you've ever
commmitted, and why?"

Michael Mack, Boise, Idaho.

5. Remove the stack of tracts from the empty chair.

Dave Wilkinson, First United Methodist, Green Bay, WI

4. At least on meeting nights, don't chain the Dobermains on the front porch.

Michael Mack, Boise, Idaho.

3. Cover up the "Members Only" sign on the front door.

Dave Wilkinson, First United Methodist, Green Bay, WI

2. Replace doormat that says, "Ring doorbell and run. The dog needs the exercise."

Michael Mack, Boise, Idaho.

1. Add "I will shower no less than 24 hours before each small group meeting" to your covenant.

Kimberly Holt, Good Shepherd Lutheran; Raleigh NC

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